Accrual accounting for QuickBooks, automated in minutes.

The first 50 people to sign up for the waitlist to our QuickBooks plugin will receive an extended free trial and unlock:
fully automated revenue recognition
prepaid expense and fixed asset accounting
waterfall reporting and fixed asset schedules

With Accruer, bookkeeping shrinks from hours to minutes. Investor-ready financials are available in real-time.

Enter a simple description, and Accruer handles the rest.

A note from our founder,Jesse Rubenfeld

We’re excited to have you as one of the first 50 to test. Throughout my career, I’ve seen my peers tackle accrual accounting in extremely inefficient ways: implementing expensive systems and staffing armies of accountants.

There is a better way.

As a CPA and an engineer, I’ve always been obsessed with accounting data and efficiency. From my time as Limewire’s CFO to D. E. Shaw Research’s Controller, I wrote software to save my small team and myself countless hours. Eventually, I was able to do a 40-hour job in three hours a week.

That led me to start FinOptimal, which is an outsourced accounting service for companies that need a robust and efficient accounting solution. I differentiated FinOptimal from its competitors by writing software to replace the traditional, overpriced, all-in-one ERP system. We provide a QuickBooks Online experience that makes use of the best individual tech providers on the market, including Accruer and other FinOptimal products. As a result, I grew FinOptimal to service 80 clients with only a few accountants.

All of our clients are already using Accruer; they just don’t realize it yet.

I’m so excited you’re joining this journey with my team as we help startup operators reduce their time spent in spreadsheets and avoid ERP-implementation disasters by using our software instead. Our goal is to make accounting worry-free and wait-free for every business.

We’re totally focused on building you a world-class product experience in Accruer, and I can’t wait to give you the next update. Please share any feedback you may have. I personally read every email.


Jesse Rubenfeld

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Here's what the people who use Accruer say about it

Accruer made switching from a cash basis to an accrual basis a breeze.
Director of Finance
200 Employees
I struggled to get a timely answer from my bookkeeper on our monthly revenue figures. This automated everything like magic.
$10M Services Company
We sell annual subscriptions and I finally feel like I know how my business is actually doing each month.
50 Employees

What Accruer automates

Revenue Recognition & Prepaid Expenses
FinOptimal image
Add some simple text to the Line Description field in QuickBooks and Accruer will automatically spread the P&L impact for you.
Fixed Asset Depreciation
FinOptimal image
Set the Useful Life for a fixed asset account and Accruer will depreciate each purchase automatically.
Waterfalls & Reporting
FinOptimal image
From waterfall schedules to journal entry detail reports. Crystal clear reporting is automatically at your fingertips.

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