Financial Operations

Enhance your financial operations. From customer invoicing and bill payment to deductions, chargebacks, and more.

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Scale Your Business Without Your Operations Getting In the Way

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 Never worry about your financial operations again. We do the following on time, everytime:

Sending invoices
Bill ingestion, coding, and processing
Filing records
Manual journal entry

Save Time and Money — Without Lifting a Single Finger

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Watch Your Business Take Off

With FinOptimal, you can finally take your foot off your accounting pedal. And put it on your growth pedal.

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Make Laps Around Your Competitors

 While your competitors are working overtime to undo accounting errors, processing bills, logging entries, you’ll be flying past them.

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Instantly Locate Everything

Everything we handle, we make it easy for you to find. No more digging through files or chasing people down. Always audit

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Nektar’s no-code Revenue Operations platform auto-syncs all the contact and sales activity data that your reps forgot to save - without them having to lift a finger or adopt a new tool. We integrate with all tools you are using to communicate with your prospect or track pipeline.

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