Accounting Tasks

Trust your books. Accurately assess your business performance. Get accrual accounting your investors can trust.

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Gain Visibility. Enjoy Flexibility. Build Stability.

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Instead of waiting weeks and months, see your financial picture when you want. Plus, you won’t have to pay more just because you’re making more. We work with a flat fee so you know what to expect. We do the following accurately, everytime:

Accrual accounting
Cost allocations
Reconciling bank accounts
Consolidations or intercompany eliminations

Save Time and Money — Without Lifting a Single Finger

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Never Doubt Your Numbers

You and your investors never have to wonder if your numbers are off. Say goodbye to tiresome spreadsheet maintenance and broken formulas. We’ll handle it.

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See What’s Profitable and What’s No

Feel confident in your business. See exactly how profitable your clients and projects are and whether you’re allocating resources efficiently.

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 Know Where You Stand, Today and Tomorrow

With automatic accrual accounting, we’ll paint your financial picture for the upcoming months. You’ll know where you are and where you’re going.

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Nektar’s no-code Revenue Operations platform auto-syncs all the contact and sales activity data that your reps forgot to save - without them having to lift a finger or adopt a new tool. We integrate with all tools you are using to communicate with your prospect or track pipeline.

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