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What you’ll do?

Help build the future of sales: At Nektar, you will help redefine the way people sell. Across countries and industries. There are few startups with this kind of market potential.A team with decades of domain expertise: Between them, the founders have nearly two decades of experience founding and growing startups and building and selling SaaS products globally.Tackle our most impactful problems: Our team is still small, and people wear many hats. You’ll jump between product, design, engineering, devops and growth. You will not be bored.Join us at a magical time: Founded and headquartered in Singapore, Nektar raised a substantial seed round from great SaaS VCs in less than 4 weeks of starting the company, giving us a massive jump start and room to focus on our product and users.

What we do?

Nektar’s mission is to help people work smarter. Our first product is an assistant for sales teams that will help close more deals faster.Sales organizations have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on systems of record to collect vast amounts of data. This data might produce pretty graphs on managers’ reports but it hardly ever helps the salesperson in the field move their deals forward. This is why, in 2019, less than 30% of salespeople used their organization’s CRM as intended, and 57% of the sales teams globally missed their sales quota.This is where we’re different — we are laser-focused on the specific actions that help salespeople close deals. We’re building a real system of growth, a first of it’s kind to help salespeople become better salespeople by helping our users build productive habits, adopting best practices and eliminating friction from the sales process.

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